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Cabrinha Spectrum 2015
The Cabrinha Spectrum has set the standard for affordable performance for years now. This year they up the ante with high visibility fins for the newbies and hot graphics for the showboats.
Comes complete with H1 Bindings
List Price: $639.00
Cabrinha Custom 2015
The new parabolic texalium rail and redesigned shape will have everyone from progressing riders to pros happy. Almost as if it was "Custom" tailored to them. Will fit either the H1 or the H2 Cabrinha binding set.
List Price: $649.00
Dakine Fixed Harness Lines 22" Pair
Dakine's 22" harness lines have been proven time after time in the most punishing conditions, to be the strongest and most reliable harness lines in the world.
List Price: $25.00
HQ Bebop
 The Bebop is an easy to fly stunt kite with easy control in a wide wind window and no oversteering that will have you stoked for days. The Bebop is a perfect match for beginner flyers and all pilots 8 years and older and will allow for hours of fun kite flying.

Framed with 4mm fiberglass and a strong sail, it already excels in low winds and is flexible and durable enough to withstand crashes with ease. By using the same clever 4-point sliding bridle as the Yukon, it is always ensured that the Bebop performs well, even in higher winds.
List Price: $45.95
HQ Bollero 2
The Bolero II is an advanced entry level sport kite. Due to it´s easy handling and gentle flying characteristics the Bolero is a very good choice for beginners. This kite accelerates the learning process and forgives typical steering errors of beginners. The frame is made of a mix of carbon and carbon-fibreglass hybrid technology is extremely solid and nearly indestructible. That way the Bolero II withstands many crashes with ease. The Bolero II ensures a precise and stable flight even at higher wind speeds and is the perfect kite to learn all the basic tricks and even advance when you want to take it further.
List Price: $55.95
Ion Element Semidry 4/5
 Looking for best value for your money – this is your suit! High value and supreme looking wetsuit line with good stretch and many features of the top end lines. All you need for a great day on the water – enter the world of ION!
2014 Slingshot Nitro SUP
The 2014 Slingshot NItro is Slingshots premier race stand up paddle board. This board will glide through the water like no other provided you with excellent speed and stability. Available in 12'6" and 14'.

These boards are excluded from free shipping but are available for pickup in our Texas City Store or shipped to continental USA via UPS Freight. Good news about freight is it is the same price for up to 3-4 boards. Usually will be between $150-$250 for 3-4 boards.
List Price: $1,749.00
Slingshot Celeritas 2015
The 2015 Celeritas continues to deliver controlled progressive performance year after year. The combination of its short “trunk” style, aggressive concave, curvy outline and simple thumb tail makes the Celeritas one of the most versatile shapes in the industry
List Price: $899.00
Ocean Rodeo Ignite Drysuit
The Ocean Rodeo Ignite is one of the leading drysuits on the market. If you think your going to be this and be warm. This comes complete with all the zippers,pockets, relief zippers,even a neoprene lined hood as well as soft dry socks. This is the ultimate cold weather water weir. 
Ion Plasma Boots 3/2
Getting cold in your other booties? Have no fear, look no further as the plasma's will keep your toes oasty toasty warm. We just got these in stock and we love them they are so comfortable and warm. Also they slip into footstraps with ease so grab your pair today.
Neil Pryde Mission Boots
 The Neilpryde mission split toe boot is one of our favorites here in the shop. These booties have a solid design that is durable and simple. They wont slip off your feet and you wont slip on the ground. They have plenty of traction to walk around but not too much to fit in your pads and straps comfortably. 
Kristen Boese Kitesurfing DVD
A comprehensive guide with world champion Kristin Boese 
List Price: $29.95
Dakine Kite Duffle 2013 155cm
 This is the lightest option for Golf-style travel.  If you're overweight on your normal golf bag get the kite duffle and you'll have an extra 10lbs or so available for kiteboarding gear.  The large 155cm size will allow for boards up to 160cm in length
List Price: $150.00
Gift Certificate $25
Houston Kiteboarding Gift Certificates are the perfect gift for anyone who enjoys the outdoors. You can use them toward the purchase of new or used kiteboarding equiptment or paragliding gear to get you out riding or flying. You can also use them toward beginner, intermediate, or advanced kiteboarding lessons with full jet ski support! 
Choose the gift amount you would like and we'll send you your certificate in the mail. 
List Price: $25.00
GoPro Surfboard Mounts
Attach your GoPro camera to surfboards, standup paddle boards, sea kayaks, boat decks, and other gear where maximum holding strength is needed.
Includes FCS™ compatible male plug to mount GoPro camera using FCS center fin socket.
List Price: $19.99
2195 Cabrihana Velocity race control system
 The NEW 2015 Cabrinha Veloctiy Race bar. 

Bern H20 Water Helmet
The Bern Watts H2O helmet is a unique gift of modern technology and latest advancements in the field of protection gears. Due to its strength and durable quality, it is able protect you head in several sports activities. It is a multi sport helmet that can be used for a multitude of sports. The Bern Watts H2O helmet has been designed from EPS technology, so that users can use it comfortably during the sports time.
List Price: $79.99
ZEM H2O Lo Bootie
 The H2O Lo merges ZEMgear’s advanced Barefoot Technology with a protective toe cap and heel counter for boating, sailing, river walking, kayaking and much more. Non-skid & non-marking rubber outsole pods comply with boaters’ needs while keeping the natural barefoot sensation intact. ZEMs 6 unique tech bands afford secure footing and lateral stability within the flexible and drainable 4-way stretch upper. With a lower, secure top collar the H2O Lo delivers a safe & snug fit below the ankle.
List Price: $54.99
Tanker Kite-Surfing T-shirts
XLKITEBOARDING Tanker Kitesurfing T-shirt.  This shirt rocks!  They are made in both Mens and Womens and printed on the semi see-through and stretchy Next Level Burnout material.  Very good looking some some great art!  The Galveston bay where we kitesurf in Texas City is one of the only spots in the world where Tanker surf continuously breaks for almost 18mi up the bay.  Ride the waves and GET THE SHIRT! 



List Price: $29.99
IKO Kiteboarders Handbook
IKO Kiteboarder's Handbook is the ultimate resource for those looking for a more bookish approach to kitesurfing. Included inside is a more in depth look at many aspects of kitesurfng that your instructor may not have time to get to in your practical lessons. This book is a great idea to get before taking your lessons or as a refresher after taking your lessons. 
List Price: $14.99
2014 Neil Pryde Neoprene Hoodie 2mm
The Neo Hoodie's are a great addition to your cold weather gear. It provides plenty of warmth and comfort. You can throw this overtop your wetsuit and harness with the reinforced harness hook hole. The 2mm Neoprene gives you an added benefit of warmth in addition to your wetsuit without any restriction of movement. Feels like you are wearing a normal hoodie! There is a limited availablilty on size/color combo so feel free to call in advance to make sure we have the correct one in your size. 
List Price: $149.99
Slingshot Screamer 2015
From big to small and hollow to mush, the Screamer will handle any surfyou can find. Based on the T-Rex shape, the new 2015 Screamer features a parallel outline that reduces drag and increases water speed to get moreupwind performance in all surf conditions, without jeopardizing stability.
List Price: $899.00
Slingshot Slant Hoodie
 Classic Slinghot hoodie. super comfy zip fited hoodie
Slingshot Women s Hoodie
Check out the new womens hoodie with its cool new design
Slingshot RPM 2014
Check out the kite all big time kiters love, get a kite with amazing power and control to get your soaring over your friends. Lots of colors in stock!  Free Shipping!  Call 281-508-6485
List Price: $2,049.00
2014 Slingshot Impact vest
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 The Slingshot 2014 Impact Vest is a low profile riding vest with a snug fit, high quality neoprene and easy one click buckle.
North Evo 2015
The 2015 Evo continues to be one of the best freestyle/freeride kites out there and has been extremely popular this year. Extremely stable kite in higher winds and gusty conditions with its 5-strut design, has great upwind ability that is paried with a huge wind range.
List Price: $1,149.00
Slingshot Asylum 2015
The 2015 Asylum came out with some sick new graphics and color choices as well. Still has the same aggressive rocker giving it excellent pop off the water and is the top choice for wakestyle riding.
List Price: $599.00
Neil Pryde Hood Pro

The Neil Pryde wetsuit hood will keep you warm in the coldest conditions. 3mm Apex Mesh neoprene with thermal heatlock lining and full GBL sealed seam construction, anatomical design for full comfort with peak cap, and wide detail to give a great seal under your wetsuit. 

List Price: $54.00
Neil Pryde Hood Standard
Just like the pro version, only differences are the standard hood does not have the peak cap nor the wide base around the neck. Still equipped with the same 3mm neoprene and the glued and blindstitched seams.
List Price: $34.00
Mystic Razor Hood
Stay warm during the cold days on the coast, the lake or behind the boat. The Mystic Razor Hood is a flexible 2mm neoprene that will keep our head and ears warm, while will protect cold water from getting in your ear drum! Minimum bulk and great comfort at an affordable price.
List Price: $23.95
Mystic Razor Hood Extreme
No more uncomfortable cold water rides. The Razor Extreme hoodie will offer complete protection from the cold water, a lot of comfort and riding for hours. Works will all wetsuits and drysuits. Perfect compliment to the Mystic brand Steamers and Drysuits.
List Price: $38.95
Neil Pryde Heatlock Beanie
No water sports enthusiasts should be without this neoprene beanie cap from Neil Pryde. Super comfy, this neoprene beanie cap is lined with soft heatlock, a material that asborbs and retains your body heat to keep you warm and cozy.
List Price: $44.00
Mystic Metalite Split Toe Socks

The Metalite Split Toe sock is perfect to use under booties or shoes for warmer ride. Metalite material creates a warm and flexible barrier which attaches tightly to the skin and reflects the heat. Great addition for all cold weather water sports. 

List Price: $29.95
Slingshot Center Line Swivel
Replacement Center of the Universe Swivel
List Price: $98.00
Dakine Torque Driver
With a comfortable handle that really lets you tighten your bindings, the Dakine Torque driver is all you need for on the slope repairs and adjustments. Comes with 6 pieces!
List Price: $9.99
SS Center Safety System
Slingshot 2010 Center Safety System  Set (4 Lines)

Available in
  • 20m
  • 23m
  • 27m
List Price: $235.00
Slingshot Standard Kite Pigtails Kit
Standard Kite Pigtails Kit
List Price: $15.00
Slingshot Standard Line Pigtails Kit
Standard Line Pigtails Kit
List Price: $15.00
Slingshot B2 Trainer Kite Replacement Lines
Slingshot B2 Trainer Kite replacement Lines
List Price: $35.00
Slingshot B3 Trainer Kite Replacement Lines
 Slingshot B3 Trainer Kite replacement Lines
List Price: $45.00
Best Kiteboarding RP Bar V2
The Red-Line Performance Bar V2 combines everyone’s favorite features and safety options into one unbeatable bar. Simple enough for anyone to understand, yet with enough versatility to satisfy even the most demanding riders, it’s guaranteed to set the standard yet again this season.
List Price: $429.00
NP Womens Heatseeker Top
 NP Womens Heatseeker 4000 rash guard top. Available in red or blue and only in size L.
List Price: $54.00
Best Armada v4 Kiteboard
Designed for new school and freeride riders just like you, the Armada v4 delivers maximum performance and versatility. Our all Pre-Preg lay-up, Torsion-X reinforcement and Vari-Damp flex control give you precise handling, outrageous durability and weighs up to 700 grams less than last year’s boards. Profiling the Supremo wood core towards the tips allows smooth progressive carving through the turns and gives you ample flex for checking in even the roughest landings.

The Armada v4 boards deliver top flight performance and construction quality once again. The blend of light weight, high strength, easy handling and great looks makes the Armada v4 the ideal freeride and new school board for demanding riders like you.

List Price: $699.00
High Top Zem Booties H2O
The high top Zem bootie is for colder weather or for riders who want a bootieless feel while riding with no chance of the bootie coming off their foot no matter how intense the crash.  Excellent fit and wonderful feel on the water.  We have all sizes in stock and will ship SAME DAY!!

The H2o High offers the same great water versatility features with a higher, secure top collar. Ideal for high torque activities, light racing, kiteboarding and any activity that benefits from a safe & snug fit above the ankle. Non-skid & non-marking rubber outsole pods comply with boaters’ needs while keeping the natural barefoot sensation intact. ZEMs 6 unique tech bands afford secure footing and lateral stability within the flexible & drainable 4-way stretch upper. With a higher, secure top collar the H2O Hi delivers a safe & snug fit above the ankle.

List Price: $59.99
NPX Cult 2/2 Shorty Wetsuit
Are you ready to believe? Behold, the Cult. Pure NPX progeny, kind of. The bastard lovechild of an extreme athlete and an accountant. Figuratively speaking, it’s a wetsuit crafted for riders with big balls and tight arses. Only a mother could love it, and we do. Cult is Revelation, ready to wear. It gets you going places and doing things you never knew you were capable of. Technical, flexible and durable - NPX Cult lives and breathes water, fitting like a second skin and acting like a fully submersible micro-climate. Today, their will be no sacrifice. Above or below, NPX Cult rules eternal. 
List Price: $185.00
NPX Heatseeker Neoprene Top 1.5mm 2012
Tri-density 0.5mm (1.5mm on chest) neoprene shirt with a Titanium inner coating to reflect body heat. This neoprene shirt protects you from wind chill and keeps you warmer. 
List Price: $87.00
Neil Pryde Hydro Womens SPF Top 2012
 This top is perfect for kiteboarding on those sunny days! With UPF 50+ protection and quick drying polyester mesh, it provides crucial sun protection while keeping you cool out on the water.
List Price: $46.00
Liquid Force Hydrofoil Kiteboard 2015
 This package comes with the board, front and rear foils, mast, fuselage, straps, and bag to carry it all in.  You can't beat this deal when it comes to kiteboarding hydrofoils.  Easy to learn and priced right!! Call now to preorder the release  281-508-6485
List Price: $1,599.99
Dakine Kicker Vest 2014
Looking for some lightweight protection for the people getting really big air....This is what you need. Its very light weight and slim but has thick hard layers of mesh on the exterior to break your falls rather than slap on water. Protect your back and ribs with this impact vest today and don't regret not having it today.
List Price: $150.00
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