Slingshot Rally 2016

Slingshot Rally 2016

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"We have been teaching on Rallys since the first year they started making them. We like this kite because it is easy to use with lots of wind range and incredible relaunch. It is easy to use for the new guys but also very high performance for intermediate or advanced riders. I'll put the Rally up against any other kite for absolute jump height. This kite skys!"-Phil Midler

Touted as the most versatile and user-friendly kite in Slingshot's lineup, the Rally has continued its dramatic rise to the top since introduced to the market in 2011. Available in sizes 5-12 and 14 so kiters can build their perfect quiver, the 2016 Rally incorporates an open Delta-C profile, a direct-connect pulley-less bridal system, beefed-up surf-tough seams, fine-tuning attachment points and a number of other unique feathers to make this the ultimate all-around weapon of choice for kiters across the spectrum. Never before has one kite appealed to so many different styles of riding.

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Updates to the 2016 Rally include relocated attachment points and a slight change in geometry, which increase handling and steering speed, reduce bar pressure and bring back a feel similar to the popular 2012 version. These updates compliment the Rally?s unrivaled wind range, low-end power, hang time, upwind performance and, bombproof construction that has kept Slingshot at the leading edge of the industry for the last 15 years.

wind chart rally Slingshot's 2016 kites come with our new One Pump Speed System*, which increases inflation efficiency to get you out on the water faster and with less energy than before.

*5m does not include the speed system.

PACKAGE INCLUDES: Kite, kite backpack, bladder repair kit, quick-start guide.
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Great deal on an 8m

- 7/16/2017

I got an 8m super cheap. I paid more for my other rallys, but if they were older I would have upgraded all of them. The price on the 8m was awesome!

out of stock of 12m

- 5/16/2017

I tried to buy the 12m and they were out of stock even though it was on the site for 2016. Rob had upgraded me to the 2017 12m for an extra $100 which was nice, but would rather have had the 2016.

Free and Fast Shipping

- 5/1/2017

They had it out the same day i ordered it and upgraded shipping to 3-day express for free! Thanks!

Replaced my whole quiver

- 3/15/2017

I'm coming off of Best Kites and cannot believe the difference with the Rally. Easy to relaunch and easy to use. I am progressing fast since I switched...great kites!

Using them for lessons and they are awesome!

- 12/7/2015

We have been teaching on these kites for the last 6 months and they are great. Durable, easy to relaunch, when the lessons are over they also jump really really well!! :)

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