GoFoil Adapter Plate for 4-bolt System

GoFoil Adapter Plate for 4-bolt System

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Convert your GoFoil Deep Tuttle to a 4-bolt plate system with this adapter plate. Your GoFoil will tighten into this adapter and then can be used on ANY track mounted foilboard or FoilMount system.

Made from anodized and CNC high strength aluminum. It is just over 1lb weight empty and uses counter sunk holes for the 4-bolt system so you won't have any bolt walking on you. When you want to use a deep tuttle box you can just remove the 2 retaining bolts and your tuttle is ready to be put into a deep tuttle box.

The adapter does not come with any hardware but we have all bolts upon request. You can email us at sales@houstonkiteboarding.com or call 281-508-6485.
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Well built. Very Tight fit for my Go Foil.

- 2/19/2018

Bought this specifically to mount my Go Foil. My Go Foil tuttle head fits two boards I have with tuttle boxes with a snug, precise fit that can be wiggled into place exactly flush with the bottom deck by hand with a little soap on the contact surfaces.

Amundson Custom Boards

- 1/19/2018

I ordered one of your conversion plates, I love it, great job on this piece! You should include the mounting hardware.

Much Lighter than competitors

- 1/17/2018

It is very good! Significantly lighter then the Manta foil version we have been selling. It fits 2 of three of the GoFoils I have and they are tight all the way around. Like I say, two fit fine, the other would only take a mild sanding. Great fit!

Strong and durable

- 1/9/2018

This is a strong and durable way to convert you GOFOIL into a 4-bolt system. Use your GOFOIL on your kite foil board or with a FoilMount. Why spend over $250 for an adapter when you can get a strong and durable one for half the price. The weight is jus...

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