Slingshot Rally Package

Slingshot Rally Package

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This Package Includes Everything you need to Kiteboard

  • Kite including bar and lines, kite leash, kite bag
  • Kiteboarding Harness with spreader bar
  • Kiteboard with fins, handle
  • Optional Kiteboarding Pump
  • Optional Kiteboarding Vest

    Here is an excellent beginner kiteboarding package for anyone looking to get into the sport or any students shopping for their first gear package. Our expert instructors pieced this package together based on their observations of student riders and beginner kiteboarders.


    The 2016 Rally has a the same 5 strut setup as the 2015 which is great for de-power and range. It is also super at relaunching and very easy to fly, which makes it a favorite among beginners and advanced riders alike. This is one kite you can buy and never grow out of as long as you kite. The larger inflation port on the 2016 makes inflating and deflating very easy and the modified bridles for 2016 make the kite more reliable in higher winds.

    Board Options:


    Built for rapid progression, the Edge is one of our most unique, easy-to-ride boards. Engineered to make board control as easy as can be, the Edge features asymmetrical bottom contours, including a turned-up toeside to minimize edge catch, and a long, single concave set towards the sharp heelside edge, for effortless heel-side bite.

    Harness Options:

    Dakine Chameleon

    2016 Dakine Chameleon: Sizes Small, Medium, Large, X-Large


    If you're thinking about a seat harness but are on the fence because the you are told you NEED a waist harness this is the one for you. It is convertible and is a great Waist harness that won't ride up on you like a seat harness because of it's removable leg loops. Once you're used to the waist harness you can permanently remove the leg loops and off you go on your new Waist harness. A Waist Harness and Seat Harness in One!!
    Vest Options:
    LF profile vest

    2015 Liquid Force Profile: Sizes Small/Medium, Large/X large.

    Offering the ultimate in impact protection and flotation, the Liquid Force Profile Vest delivers more buoyancy than any other kite impact vest on the market. Inspiring off-shore security, the Profile integrates seamlessly with a waste or seat harness. Featuring a double-track zipper, shoulder adjustment, and power band closure for multiple size options, this functional vest also comes with a hook knife and emergency whistle for rider safety or kite school use

    Surface Vest

    Dakine Surface Vest: Sizes Small, Medium, Large, X large, XX large. The Dakine Surface Vest is for the thrill seekers looking to stay safe. Landing on your back can hurt your body but with one of these you gain a thick layer of padding and cushioning to ease the blow from falling off those big airs. This is NOT a life jacket but can help you float as well if you find yourself riding in deeper waters.

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    great package for the price

    - 10/12/2016

    great package for the price I paid. Fast shipping and the sizing on the site was correct.

    Great kite Package

    - 10/12/2016

    Kite was great, I am a larger guy at 250lbs and needed to exchange the 14m kite for the 17m Turbine as our winds are pretty light 10-12mph. The crew at the shop took care of me and just did an exchange for the kite. Unfortunately, I didn't know I needed...

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