Takuma BX 7'6" SUP Hydrofoil Surf Board

Takuma BX 7'6" SUP Hydrofoil Surf Board

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Made for flying with agility

Designed for an easy and fast take off when foiling. Its large tail also helps with stability to fly up on the foil as soon as possible. The board is relatively short which makes it easier to pump and generate additional speed and mobility. The sensible rocker will allow the board to be used as a SUP along with and added nose flip to aid keeping the board from pearling. Great all around hydrofoil SUP...both with and without the Hydrofoil. Industry standard 90mm track with over 9" of adjust-ability forward and aft. Perfect balance of volume and width in the nose for stability and control.

7'6"x 28"x4 1/3" : 115L


  • EPS Foam with Full wood sandwich construction
  • Reinforced PVC Foil box position


  • EVA diamand brushed DECKPAD
  • 4 futures fins for use a conventional SUP
  • 2 US boxes for ( foil position)
  • Carry handle
  • 2 Leashing points
  • Gore tex valve
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