Takuma Hybrid SUP hydrofoil Board

Takuma Hybrid SUP hydrofoil Board

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Takuma Hybrid BX Windsurf/SUP Hydrofoil board is a called Hybrid because it can be used as both a windsurfing hydrofoil board and as a SUP hydrofoil board. This board has it all...mast track, strap inserts, bomber construction, 90mm hydrofoil tracks.

Get a board that can do both windsurf hydrofoil and SUP hydrofoil. At the 7' 6" or 7'10" size it also makes a good travel board with lot of options at your local break.

One nice thing about this board is it has foot strap inserts which is fairly uncommon for a SUP foilsurf board. Even with the beefier construction the board still weighs under 23lbs.

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Bringing Windsurfing back

- 1/19/2018

I honestly didn't think I'd ever windsurf again but after getting into a foiling, I was looking at getting a big board and I had some old sails in my garage so I figured what the heck, it could be fun trying out some windsurfing on the foil as well as kit...

board made a big difference

- 10/25/2017

Got this to replace 8'2" Vesl surfing sup that is around 125 liters. With the Vesl I cannot balance well enough when I am paddling around, especially if there is any chop.

Today was very choppy but the Takuma was much more stable so I was fine. The ...

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