Woo Kiteboarding Performance Tracker 3.0

Woo Kiteboarding Performance Tracker 3.0

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WOO is a Kiteboarding Performance Tracker to record every jump from your session. Log every day on the water, challenge friends, and explore kite spots, all on WOO Kite App for iOS and Android. Start riding with WOO and push your riding to new heights!

The WOO instantly syncs your session with your i-phone or android device to log your session at your local riding spot and compare your stats with other riders across the globe. You'll be surprised how many people you jump higher than!


We have been riding the WOO for a week now and have been loving it!! WOO will even notify you if one of your sessions break into the top 15 for daily jump height in your region and globally.

WOO is the simplest way to record your session and play while you kite. The WOO captures your highest boost in Big Air mode or scores your best tricks in Freestyle mode. Progress your riding and Get in the Game!

New for 2.0: Big Air & Freestyle! The WOO can now detect and score freestyle tricks from the always-evolving WOO Tricktionary.

Woo: 3.0: Added Smart watch integration, so you check out your results while you're still out there riding.

-Improved jump detection
Also added, is a water proof case to better protect the charging connectors.

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