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BF Takuma Concept V100 Surf  Hydrofoil Package
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The easiest all round hydrofoil available on the market. The brand new Takuma V100 foil is made to enjoy the unique foil feeling with an appropriate choice for beginners, medium and advanced riders. With a foiling speed of 6mph you can get up and hydrofoil in small unbreaking waves or open ocean swell.
List Price: $1,199.00
BF Cabrinha Contra 2017
They might as well rename this kite "Session Saver", due to it's capability of putting you on the water when nobody else can.
List Price: $1,649.00
Serious swells call for a serious leash, the Kainui Big Wave leash offers the security you need in double overhead to triple overhead surf.
List Price: $33.00
BF Dakine Surf Tail Pad
Stick every wave with the DAKINE Traction Pad.
List Price: $37.00
BF Dakine Foil Quiver Bag
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DETAILS- Limited Lifetime Warranty, Fully padded 1/4" [ 8mm ] foam, Stowable padded back pack straps and waist belt, 2 Internal XL Kite Compression Bags included, Internal board slot, Internal tool pocket, Exterior I.D. pocket
BF Liquid Force Edge Kiteboard 2017
Built for rapid progression, the Edge is one of our most unique, easy-to-ride boards. Engineered to make board control as easy as can be, the Edge features asymmetrical bottom contours, including a turned-up toeside to minimize edge catch, and a long, single concave set towards the sharp heelside edge, for effortless heelside bite.
List Price: $289.99
BF_Slingshot Standard Kite Pigtails Kit
Standard Kite Pigtails Kit
List Price: $15.00
BF Slingshot Turbine Kite 2017 Includes Bar
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New for 2017 the Same great Turbine in a whole lot more sizes! Best Light Wind kite EVER!
List Price: $1,999.00
BF 24 inch Flight School Hydrofoil Mast
The 24" mast is great for actually learning to foil without the pain of a full length mast. It is also great to have one of these around with an extra base plate so that switching between long and short masts is easy and quick. We use the 24" all the time for shallow water riding at the Levee here in Texas City.
List Price: $79.00
Slingshot Standard Line Pigtails Kit
Standard Line Pigtails Kit
List Price: $15.00
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BF Woo Kiteboarding Performance Tracker 3.0
WOO is a Kiteboarding Performance Tracker to record every jump from your session. Log every day on the water, challenge friends, and explore kite spots, all on WOO Kite App for iOS and Android. Start riding with WOO and push your riding to new heights!
List Price: $249.99