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Cabrinha 2017 Control System with Fireball
We have been on the Fireball for a few weeks now and cannot believe the difference in the harness pressure and overall feel of the bar interacting with your body. The easy hook up and simple release make it a no brainer for anyone wanting to simplify their bar and harness interaction.
List Price: $469.00
Liquid Force Handle
It is what it is, a Liquid Force grab handle that can fit your board so you can do more board-offs. Super grippy grab handle.
NPX Cult 2/2 Shorty Wetsuit
Are you ready to believe? Behold, the Cult. Pure NPX progeny, kind of. The bastard lovechild of an extreme athlete and an accountant. Figuratively speaking, it’s a wetsuit crafted for riders with big balls and tight arses. Only a mother could love it, and we do. Cult is Revelation, ready to wear. It gets you going places and doing things you never knew you were capable of. Technical, flexible and durable - NPX Cult lives and breathes water, fitting like a second skin and acting like a fully submersible micro-climate. Today, their will be no sacrifice. Above or below, NPX Cult rules eternal. 
List Price: $185.00
Demo 2017 North Rebel 8m Kite only
This is a demo kite and has only been used 1 time on the water. Like new condition. The kites come with kite and bag only, we do have bars available.
List Price: $1,149.00
2018 North Neo Kite
The NEO is the ultimate wave riding weapon for all the riders out there who love to ride surfboards, offering excellent freeride abilities as a plus.
List Price: $1,559.00
2018 North Trust Quad Bar
2018 North Trust Control Bar

The 2018 Trust Bar does not come with chicken loop, chicken dig and safety leash! Please consider adding a style kit.
List Price: $430.00
2010-2013 Chicken Loop
 This is a replacement chicken loop harness line for the slingshot compstick bar. This piece will work for the bars made between 2010-2013. This is the standard size medium chicken loop line.
List Price: $20.00
Slingshot Turbine Kite 2018
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The Turbine is in a class of its own and can?t really be compared to any other kite. With a super high aspect ratio, this is about as close to a foil kite as you can get in a LEI format.
List Price: $1,049.00
Slingshot Turbine Kite 2017
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New for 2017 the Same great Turbine in a whole lot more sizes! Best Light Wind kite EVER!
List Price: $1,049.00
Croakies Sunglasses Floating Neck Retainer
Croakies Floating Sunglasses retaining strap will keep your kiteboarding glasses on your head. If they do come off you'll be able to find them with the bright yellow color of the floating strap.
List Price: $19.99
Kiteboarding Destination Map
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Simply the world of kitesurfing. Over 500 kitesurfing spots, information on style, level, wind direction, water temperature, peak season and more. Get inspired and plan your next trip in style.