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Dakine Waterman's Rashguard short sleeve
 Serious protection from the sun this summer
List Price: $44.95
Dakine Indo Surf Hat
 Great face and neck protection from the sun!  The front bill is reinforced so it isn't affected by the wind and you can still see the kite above you easily with it on in the water. 
List Price: $45.00
Dakine Surf Cap
 Great sun protection and you won't loose it in the surf or spray.  Keep the sun out of your eyes on the water. 
List Price: $25.00
Dakine Waterwoman Hoodie
 Get complete sun protection while out on the water with this waterwomen hoodie. Call about color options. 281-508-6485
List Price: $49.99
Dakine Polybro Snug Fit Kiteboarding Rashguard
Sun Protection and snug fitting rashguard without the chill from evaporative cooling in the wind. This is the perfect Rashguard for kiters.
Dakine Snugfit Twilight Kiteboarding Rashguard
Deluxe Kiteboarding rashguard from Dakine, keep chaffing down and protect yourself from the sun on the water this summer.
Lo' Tide Trucker Hat - Woman's
The snap back design means one-size-fits-all adjustability, and the foam-backed poly front panel and mesh rear panel construction doesn't mind a little sea-soaked hair.
Aloha Trucker Hat - Woman's
When you're feeling some exceptionally strong Aloha vibes, get back in touch with your island side with the Aloha Trucker Hat. The snap back design means one-size-fits-all adjustability, and the foam-backed poly front panel and mesh rear panel construction is comfortable, stylish, and appropriate for all occasions.
Mt. Trucker Hat - Woman's
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In 1986, we relocated the Dakine headquarters from our original home of Maui, to Hood River, Oregon?an adventure town squeezed in alongside the Columbia River and nestled in the foothills of the mighty Mount Hood. The Mt. Dakine Trucker is a little bit of both, in a custom mountain illustration with Andorra colorway details.
Shoreline Trucker Hat - Women's
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With classic trucker construction, bold bright colorways, and heritage Dakine logo badge, it's a stylish and versatile hat that will become the first thing you reach for when suiting up for a day out.
24Seven Trucker Hat
If you've ever wandered the late-night streets of Waikiki, you instantly recognize the design inspiration behind the 24Seven Trucker Hat.
The Dakine Mt. Hood Trucker pays tribute to Dakine's home state of Oregon and the magnificent Pacific Northwest in a traditional 5-panel, foam-mesh combo, snapback trucker hat.
Mystic Allover Pancho
Best way to change your clothes at the Levee and Dike. The Mystic Poncho is your portable Dressing-Room and a towel in one piece. One of the best accessories invented the last 20 years. A must for a core rider. Material: 100% Polyester
List Price: $80.00
Slingshot Stripes Tee
 Slingshot Stripes Tee, sizes available in M, L, XL
List Price: $22.00
Slingshot Base Tee
 Slingshot Base Tee, available in white/green, white/pink, sizes M, L, XL
List Price: $22.00
Slingshot Grid Tee
 Slingshot Grid Tee, available in sizes M, L, XL
List Price: $22.00
Slingshot Crew Jones Sweatshirt
 Slingshot Crew Jones Sweatshirt, available sizes, M, L, XL
List Price: $49.00
Slingshot Slant Hoodie
 Classic Slinghot hoodie. super comfy zip fited hoodie
Slingshot Women s Hoodie
Check out the new womens hoodie with its cool new design
Slingshot T-Rex Tee
 Slingshot Tee with their T-Rex shape, don't forget the matching T-Rex surfboard!
List Price: $22.00
Slingshot Wave Pocket Tee
 Slingshot Wave Pocket Tee, available in sizes M, L, XL
Tanker Kite-Surfing T-shirts
XLKITEBOARDING Tanker Kitesurfing T-shirt.  This shirt rocks!  They are made in both Mens and Womens and printed on the semi see-through and stretchy Next Level Burnout material.  Very good looking some some great art!  The Galveston bay where we kitesurf in Texas City is one of the only spots in the world where Tanker surf continuously breaks for almost 18mi up the bay.  Ride the waves and GET THE SHIRT! 



List Price: $29.99