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2018 Moses Pump Surf Hydrofoil
The Moses 633 Hydrofoil SUP PUMP SURF setup is perfect for surfing waves on the foil with a kite. The foil is just the right speed to accommodate both the kite and the waves.
Takuma Concept V100 Surf  Hydrofoil Package
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The easiest all round hydrofoil available on the market. The brand new Takuma V100 foil is made to enjoy the unique foil feeling with an appropriate choice for beginners, medium and advanced riders. With a foiling speed of 6mph you can get up and hydrofoil in small unbreaking waves or open ocean swell.
List Price: $1,199.00
Takuma Surf Hydrofoil and FoilMount Deal
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Takuma V100 Surf Hydrofoil and FoilMount Black Friday Package deal
List Price: $1,549.00
2018 Moses Complete Vorace Options w/ 101 cm Mast
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2018 Moses Comet 111
Moses racing machine designed with the goal to be the fastest Hydrofoil around the course!!!
2018 Moses Complete Kit Options w/ 91 cm Mast
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Moses wings with 91cm Masts
2018 Moses Complete KIT Short Allround w/ 71 cm mast
This all round is designed for shallow waters. 71 cm mast
F-One kite Hydrofoil
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F-One Surf Hydrofoil is the one you need to make your foiling dreams come true. Turn your board into a magic carpet ride with a foilmount and this hydrofoil.
Liquid Force Thruster Foil
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The Thruster wing set has been developed in collaboration with Matt Wheeler, master hydrofoil expert and engineer in Hood River, Oregon USA. This collaboration has brought to life a unique wing design that provides extended range and stability offering rapid lift and stability at speed. if you are in search of the pinnacle of freeriding performance look no further.
Liquid Force Surf Foil Impulse
Created in collaboration with Cloud IX surf foils the Impulse wing set confidently crosses kite, surf and wake hydrofoiling. Designed to provide rapid lift and long glide, along with a wide speed and wind range. The Impulse will take your freeride kite hydrofoiling to the next level.
2018 Naish Thrust Surf Hydrofoil
Naish Surf Hydrofoil setup is the same that Kai Lenny uses in most of his videos etc. Great surf/SUP/down-wind hydrofoil for most riders.
2018 Ghost Whisperer Hydrofoil 91cm
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2018 Slingshot Ghost Whisperer Hydrofoil 91cm
2018 Ghost Whisperer Hydrofoil 101cm
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2018 Slingshot Ghost Whisperer Hydrofoil 101cm
2018 Ghost Whisperer Hydrofoil 111cm
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2018 Slingshot Ghost Whisperer Hydrofoil 111cm
2018 Slingshot FKite Hydrofoil Package
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The Slingshot Hoverglide hydrofoil system is quite possibly the most durable system on the market as well as the most versatile due to the wide selection of interchangeable wings.
2018 Slingshot Hover Glide Complete Hydrofoil
This is what you need along with the short mast progression kit to get started and keep riding through and into intermediate Hydrofoiling. Price point is great and with the short masts you'll be able to teach yourself as well as ride in shallow water areas. Call us or email with questions or for special orders 281-508-6485 or
List Price: $899.99
Slingshot Wakefoil Package
Wakeboarding with a hydrofoil...Here we come!
2019 Slingshot Fsurf Hydrofoil Package
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Ride waves the way you want to not the way you have to. Easy to catch a wave. Once you are up it rides waves effortlessly without the need for excessive monkey pumping. Unless of course you want to pump, then go for it on the way out.
2019 Slingshot Hydrofoil Front Wing Only
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Thanks to the modular design of slingshot H wings. Every wing will fit on the same fuselage, allowing you to have a quiver wings, all compatible on the same rig, ready for every condition.
2019 Slingshot Fsup Hydrofoil Package
Ride waves the way you want to not the way you have to. Easy to catch a wave. Once you are up it rides waves effortlessly without the need for excessive monkey pumping. Unless of course you want to pump, then go for it on the way out.
Slingshot Hoverglide H5 Wing
2018 Slingshot Hoverglide H5 Wing
List Price: $499.00
2019 Slingshot FKite Hydrofoil Package
The 2018 Hover Glide FKite package is equipped with the Space skate (H4) front wing instead of the H5 wing of the prior two years. The H5 was (and is) a great all-around wing, but now that we have it dialed, the H4 is the obvious evolution for the FKite package.
Hydrofoil Kiteboarding Lessons: 2hr or 3hr
Hydrofoiling on a kite is amazing!  It is truely taking your kiteboarding to the next level.  Learning can be challenging but with instruction any intermediate/advanced rider can learn safely.  Sign up for a 3 hour lesson with Houston Kiteboarding and get started today.
Texas City Kite Festival Hydrofoil Race 2018
Hydrofoil Race at the Texas City Kite Festival
Save $10 and register early
List Price: $35.00
Lift Foil
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We are very proud to introduce our new one-piece wing designs that offer superior strength and performance. The wing serves as a critical component in the stability of the foil at any speed. For this reason we?ve tested and fine-tuned every detail: size, shape & angles- to specifically engineer wings that maximize control and stability without unnecessary drag.