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NSI Sand Rock Bag Large
The standard square sandbag drapes easily over the leading edge. Custom logo's available with orders of 12 or more.
List Price: $28.00
Per Diem Back Pack
High quality ballistic nylon material. Front panel skateboard/storage straps. Large main compartment. Laptop sleeve. Padded bottom panel. Fleece lined sunglass pocket. Hydration compatible. Multiple organizer pockets. Insulated cooler pocket. 2 external water bottle pockets. Breathable dri-mesh back panel and shoulder straps.
Cabrinha Bypass Leash
Cabrinha Bypass Leash

Leash used to connect between the rider's harness and the control system. Has a clip for the control system on one end, and a quick release on the end for the harness; includes harness attachment webbing and ring. Comes in both standard and short size.
List Price: $37.99
Dakine Kiteboard Grab Handle
It is what it is, a dakine grab handle that can fit your board so you can do more board-offs. Super grippy grab handle.
List Price: $19.99
KiteFix Complete Repair Kit
KiteFix's best Seller! This repair package contains all you need to make temporary or permanent reparations yourself. Hand assembled in Canada with high quality products, KiteFix's repair kit is a Must to be added to your equipment. 
List Price: $54.99
Liquid Force Handle
It is what it is, a Liquid Force grab handle that can fit your board so you can do more board-offs. Super grippy grab handle.
Liquid Force Profile Kiteboarding Vest
 Most complete vest in kiteboarding...period.  Adjustments on shoulders and sides as well as double zippers.  Safety supreme...built in hook knife and all water whistle.  Comfort..padding and a spreader bar webbing attachement to keep you harness from riding up.  LF has you covered for floatation in 2015!
List Price: $200.00
Slingshot Colored line Extension set (4) 20meters
 These 20meter extension lines come in a pack of 4 but can be bought as a set of 2 if needed for a trainer kite. They are 600lb lines and can work for any bar and lines currently on the market.
Slingshot Depower Cleat
 Depower Replacment is what it is...made of metal and wont break just keep your screw tight.
Slingshot Active Ball Stopper
 This is a replacement active ball stopper for your Slingshot Compstick bar.
Slingshot Center Line Swivel
Replacement Center of the Universe Swivel
List Price: $98.00
Slingshot Kiteboard Handle
Slingshot Replacement kiteboard handle only..Let us know what bolts you need or the brand of board you have and we can get you the bolts as well for a small charge.
List Price: $15.00
Slingshot Kite Leash
The Slingshot Push Quick Release leash features the new push away release system, which makes it easier to engage the release system. The bungee stretches from 49" to 77". Clips on both ends to clip from safety line to harness. Simply push the yellow quick release to disconnect yourself from your kite in emergency situations
List Price: $50.00
Slingshot Waterwall Gear Bag
The Waterwall gear bag is a very stylish, functional gear bag for a great price. You can use this bag to transport absolutely anything. Whether you are using it for clothing or for your gear, this bag holds up great and will keep any items you are transporting protected. The polyurethane material makes this bag extremely durable and water resistant. The padded top handle straps, removable shoulder strap, and side handle straps make for easy carry.
List Price: $119.00
Slingshot Payload Duffel XXL
The Payload Duffel XXL much like it name is XXL! It has much of the same features and is similar to the Waterwall gear bag like the polyurethane material for durability and water resistance. The Payload Duffel bag is much larger and also provides and ID label for transportation. One neat feature this bag also provides is external storage straps for your kite bar! 
List Price: $139.00
Slingshot Gear Bucket
The gear bucket works great for transporting smaller gear such as gopro equipment, towels, kite bars, or it works excellent as a cooler as well. The dimensions are 17"x13"x13" and has a polyester lining for spacious storage area and easy cleaning.
List Price: $89.00
Slingshot Compression Bags
Lightweight and easy to compress nylon storage and/or travel bag for your gear.

List Price: $26.00
Dry Lube all purpose kiteboarding lubricant
Slingshot All purpose kiteboarding lubricant
List Price: $25.99
Pump Pressure Gauge
Pump Pressure Gauge

Wondering about kite pressure??

With this little baby all your high or low pressure problems are history. This little pump interfaces with any brand kite pump and fits nicely between the pump body and the pump hose. It connects easily using the same connection as your pump's hose itself.

kite manufacturers recommended kite inflation varies from brand to brand. More importantly, to get a consistant ride from your gear your kite shoudl be set to the same pressure each time you pump up. An over inflated kite can put extra stress on the leading edge seams and eventually cause a blow out.

Skywatch Xplorer 1 Wind Meter/Anemometer
Xplorer 1 Windmeter by Skywatch

Built in Switzerland, the skywatch Xplorer1 windmeter is a extremely accurate way to measure the wind and know exactly what size kite to rig up. Small and compact, the Xplorer 1 is one of the easiest ways to know what the wind is doing before you hit the water.
Skywatch Xplorer 2 Wind Meter/Anemometer
Skywatch Xplorer 2 Windmeter

Built in Switzerland, the skywatch Xplorer2 windmeter is a extremely accurate way to measure the wind and know exactly what size kite to rig up. Small and compact, the Xplorer2 is one of the easiest ways to know what the wind is doing before you hit the water, and how cold your going to be when you get there.
NSI Sand Rock Bag Cylindrical
A Very Durable Sand Bag to Hold Your Kite With Confidence!
List Price: $19.95
Night Kiteboarding Extravaganzza 2.0!
Kiteboarding party at the Levee with actual night time riding. Join us, Friday April 14th for all the fun you can handle.
Kiteboarding Sunglasses
 Great Kiteboarding Sunglasses that won't come off your face and are very comfortable to wear.  Buy two pairs so you always have a set when you're on the water.  Lenses are Polarized to reduce glare! They come in one original color....Black, enjoy it everyone has it!
List Price: $59.99
Croakies Sunglasses Floating Neck Retainer
Croakies Floating Sunglasses retaining strap will keep your kiteboarding glasses on your head. If they do come off you'll be able to find them with the bright yellow color of the floating strap.
List Price: $19.99
Woo Kiteboarding Performance Tracker 2.0
WOO is a Kiteboarding Performance Tracker to record every jump from your session. Log every day on the water, challenge friends, and explore kite spots, all on WOO Kite App for iOS and Android. Start riding with WOO and push your riding to new heights!
Dermatone Clear Zinc Kiteboarding Sunscreen
Dermatone Kiteboarding clear zinc sunscreen will protect you from sunburn on and off the water with the best waterproof protection on the market.
Aqua Azul Kiteboarding Sunglasses
The Aqua Azul water shades provide a practical design with key features to save your eyes while on the water.
List Price: $59.99