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HQ Powerkites Montana VII Snowkite 2012
Montana VI - Feel the Difference 
With the new Montana VI , HQ offers one of the most stable and progressive kites on the market. The new profile redefines the standard for lift and hang time. The extreme versatility of the kite and the precise handling is a perfect fit for riders who want to progress. A safe, but progressive way to play in the mountains.
List Price: $1,029.00
HQ Powerkites Apex 3 Snowkite
Introducing the newly designed HQ Apex 3 depower kite. If you are looking for a fantasic work-horse traction kite, the Apex III has you covered. This kite is amazing in snow but also excels at landboarding and kite buggying.
List Price: $579.99
HQ Hydra II Water Relaunchable Trainer Kite
The HQ Hydra II is the latest generation of our most popular trainer kite. HQ has created a kite with improved flying performance and responsiveness, providing more power through the turns.
List Price: $313.50
HQ Powerkites Rush V Pro Trainer Kite
Get your first shot of REAL power with the RUSH 5 -250 PRO. Meaner than average 2 meter kites, the RUSH 250 Pro is slightly larger. Perfect for those looking for a little more power. This 2.5 Meter size is especially good for teens and smaller adults.