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Liquid Force Handle
It is what it is, a Liquid Force grab handle that can fit your board so you can do more board-offs. Super grippy grab handle.
Liquid Force Thruster Foil
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The Thruster wing set has been developed in collaboration with Matt Wheeler, master hydrofoil expert and engineer in Hood River, Oregon USA. This collaboration has brought to life a unique wing design that provides extended range and stability offering rapid lift and stability at speed. if you are in search of the pinnacle of freeriding performance look no further.
Liquid Force Surf Foil Impulse
Created in collaboration with Cloud IX surf foils the Impulse wing set confidently crosses kite, surf and wake hydrofoiling. Designed to provide rapid lift and long glide, along with a wide speed and wind range. The Impulse will take your freeride kite hydrofoiling to the next level.
Liquid Force Edge Kiteboard 2017
Built for rapid progression, the Edge is one of our most unique, easy-to-ride boards. Engineered to make board control as easy as can be, the Edge features asymmetrical bottom contours, including a turned-up toeside to minimize edge catch, and a long, single concave set towards the sharp heelside edge, for effortless heelside bite.
Liquid Force Profile Kiteboarding Vest
 Most complete vest in kiteboarding...period.  Adjustments on shoulders and sides as well as double zippers.  Safety supreme...built in hook knife and all water whistle.  Comfort..padding and a spreader bar webbing attachement to keep you harness from riding up.  LF has you covered for floatation in 2015!
List Price: $200.00
2016 Liquid Force Supreme Impact Vest
Liquid Force's reversible flotation and impact vest is loved by all!
List Price: $149.00
Liquid Force Libra
Free yourself from the light wind doldrums! If you think about kiting at the first sign of the leaves moving on trees, the slight flutter of a flag or the hint of breeze at your local sensor, the Libre will make your ambition of being the first on the water a reality.
List Price: $499.99
Liquid Force Hydrofoil Replacement Mast Bolts
These are Stainless Metric M8x40mm Bolts with a #5 Allen Key head for mounting the Mast of the Foil Fish hydrofoil to the Mast Base Plate. Set of 2 bolts.
List Price: $10.00
Liquid Force Pro Pads 2017
2017 Liquid Force Pro Pads!
Liquid Force Carbon Extended Fuselage
Liquid FOrce carbon hydrofoil fuselage
Liquid Force Slider Bolts for Hyrofoil Track
Brass T-nut inserts and countersunk bolts to mount Hydrofoils on the Happy pill Foil board and Rocket Foil board from Liquid Force.
Liquid Force Short Hydrofoil Mast 60cm
2017 LF Mast Collar and 60 cm. Short Mast designed for hydrofoiling progression. This kit is compatible with the LF Foil Fish (new base plate and mounting bolts needed), Happy Pill, and Rocket Fish Foilboards.
Liquid Force Impulse Mast
patented extruded Designed for maximum torsional rigidity and longitudinal strength. This profile is optimized for superior efficiency and stability of ride.
Liquid Force Mast Collar
2018 Mast Collar For Liquid Force Mast. Mounts the Mast to the Board.