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Moses Complete Vorace Options w/ 101 cm Mast
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Moses Comet 111 RR
Moses racing machine designed with the goal to be the fastest Hydrofoil around the course!!!
Moses Complete Kit Options w/ 91 cm Mast
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Moses wings with 91cm Masts
Moses Complete KIT Short Allround w/ 71 cm mast
This all round is designed for shallow waters. 71 cm mast
2018 Moses Front Wing
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2018 Moses Rear Wing Stabilizer
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2018 Moses Fuselages
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Moses 647 or 680 Fuselage
2018 Moses Mast
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Replacement Moses Mast for ANY Moses hydrofoil
2018 Moses Pump Surf Hydrofoil
The Moses 633 Hydrofoil SUP PUMP SURF setup is perfect for surfing waves on the foil with a kite. The foil is just the right speed to accommodate both the kite and the waves.