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2018 Naish Thrust Mast System
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Available in 55, 70 and 90 centimeter lengths, the Thrust Mast range offers the ideal size for everyone from beginners to experts.
2018 Naish Thrust Cover Foil
Keep your Naish Thrust Foil safe with this cover.
2018 Naish Thrust Surf Hydrofoil
Naish Surf Hydrofoil setup is the same that Kai Lenny uses in most of his videos etc. Great surf/SUP/down-wind hydrofoil for most riders.
List Price: $1,075.00
2018 Naish Thrust Fuselage KS/Surf
Kite, Surf & SUP Fuselage for Naish thrust!
2018 Naish Thrust Kite Surf 1 Back Wing
Integrated Rudder Foil = Increased directional stability + better turning!
2018 Naish Thrust KS 1 Front Wing
Medium Aspect Flat Foil = Fast + stable + smooth launch!
2018 Naish Thrust Surf Back Wing
Rear Wing for Naish Thrust Surf Foil!
2018 Naish Thrust Surf Front Wing-Medium
High lift, downturned wingtips, for riders 120-170 lbs*
2018 Naish Thrust Surf Front Wing-Large
High lift, downturned wingtips, for riders 160-210 lbs*
Thrust Base Plate
Easily convert any Thrust foil to work on any of Naish's foil kiteboards with the Thrust base plate!
List Price: $145.00
2019 Naish Thrust Hydrofoil
Naish Abracadabra Surf/SUP Hydrofoil comes in three sizes and is amazing on the water!