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NPX 1.5mm Heatseaker top Ladies
 1.5mm Ladies NPX thermal top.  Great for days when it is chilly but the guys will make fun of you for wearing a wetsuit. 
List Price: $89.00
Neil Pryde 1.5mm Top 2012
 1.5mm Thermal top from Neil Pryde in only size Small and only the gray color.  
List Price: $88.00
NP Fireline 2mm Hoodie
The Neoprene hoodie is one of the best inventions in the kiteboarding industry. The sweet item has a spreader bar hole cut out of it so it goes on OVER everything you're already wearing. They are awesome, because they keep the wind off and also insulate your body heat. If you get too hot, no problem just take it off easily without removing anything else. It will even go over your life jacket or float vest!
List Price: $154.95
NP Rise Shorty Wetsuit 2mm
The Rise is your ticket to affordable performance. It features high-stretch Apex-Flex neoprene in critical zones allowing for great flexibility and strategically placed seams to achieve a high level of comfort.
NP Rise 5/4mm SemiDry Fullsuit Wetsuit
The Rise is your ticket to affordable performance. It features high-stretch Apex-Plus neoprene in critical zones allowing for great flexibility and strategically placed seams to achieve a high level of comfort.
Neil Pryde Open Palm Mitt
The Neil Pryde Open Palm Mitt is a great accessory on the water in cold/windy conditions. The opened palm allows you told fold back the fingers which gives you better access to set up your kite or do whatever you need to do. Then when you are ready to ride just fold them back over and you are good to go. The glove will protect your hands from any harsh/cold winds while still allowing the grip of your palm on your hands to be used.
List Price: $35.99
Neil Pryde High Hook Flotation Vest
The Neil Pryde High Hook Flotation Vest is made specifically with kiteboarding in mind. The webbing is designed to fit beneath your spreader bar to keep the vest from riding up and into your face, a simple design that works perfectly. The vest is lightweight, flexible and has convenient, side-zipper entry. Includes a Velcro chest pocket and reflective panel.
List Price: $109.99
Neil Pryde Mission Boots
 The Neilpryde mission split toe boot is one of our favorites here in the shop. These booties have a solid design that is durable and simple. They wont slip off your feet and you wont slip on the ground. They have plenty of traction to walk around but not too much to fit in your pads and straps comfortably. 
Neil Pryde Hood Pro

The Neil Pryde wetsuit hood will keep you warm in the coldest conditions. 3mm Apex Mesh neoprene with thermal heatlock lining and full GBL sealed seam construction, anatomical design for full comfort with peak cap, and wide detail to give a great seal under your wetsuit. 

List Price: $54.00
Neil Pryde Hood Standard
Just like the pro version, only differences are the standard hood does not have the peak cap nor the wide base around the neck. Still equipped with the same 3mm neoprene and the glued and blindstitched seams.
List Price: $34.00
Neil Pryde Fireline Beanie
No water sports enthusiasts should be without this neoprene beanie cap from Neil Pryde. Super comfy, this neoprene beanie cap is lined with soft heatlock, a material that asborbs and retains your body heat to keep you warm and cozy.
List Price: $44.00
NP Womens Heatseeker Top
 NP Womens Heatseeker 4000 rash guard top. Available in red or blue and only in size L.
List Price: $54.00
NPX Cult 2/2 Shorty Wetsuit
Are you ready to believe? Behold, the Cult. Pure NPX progeny, kind of. The bastard lovechild of an extreme athlete and an accountant. Figuratively speaking, it’s a wetsuit crafted for riders with big balls and tight arses. Only a mother could love it, and we do. Cult is Revelation, ready to wear. It gets you going places and doing things you never knew you were capable of. Technical, flexible and durable - NPX Cult lives and breathes water, fitting like a second skin and acting like a fully submersible micro-climate. Today, their will be no sacrifice. Above or below, NPX Cult rules eternal. 
List Price: $185.00
Neil Pryde Glide Hydrofoil
GLIDE SURF creates a playground for building new surfing sensations. With a stable and fast take off no matter the surf conditions.
NP Neo Hoodie
2mm Dura-flex neoprene Hotcell polypropylene lining Reinforced harness hook hole Pit vents Ultra stretch wrist and waist seals Drainage on hood and wrist Aquavents on hood and elbow
List Price: $149.00
NP Cabrinha Freeride Helmet
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Ultra lightweight helmet dedicated for water sports with maximum safety, comfort and performance. It is CE approved to EN 1385 standards with an impact resistant ABS shell for protection and a unique soft non-water absorbing EVA inner for comfort and lightweight performance. It also comes with a twist tightening system, adjustable chin straps and removable EVA ear pads for a perfect fit and functionality.
List Price: $59.95