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North Entity Kiteboard Footstraps 2016
These are the Premiere North Footstraps for all of their kiteboards. Also called the NTT, they are very adjustable and work great for all levels and types of kiteboarding.
List Price: $240.00
Ion Plasma Boots 3/2
Getting cold in your other booties? Have no fear, look no further as the plasma's will keep your toes oasty toasty warm. We just got these in stock and we love them they are so comfortable and warm. Also they slip into footstraps with ease so grab your pair today.
Lime North Kite Pump 2016
This piston pump has a capacity of approximately 2 x 2.000 cm?.

This means, you can spend more time on the water, as you need only half the time to inflate your kite.
List Price: $65.00
Demo 2017 North Rebel 8m Kite only
This is a demo kite and has only been used 1 time on the water. Like new condition. The kites come with kite and bag only, we do have bars available.
List Price: $1,149.00
2018 North Neo Kite
The NEO is the ultimate wave riding weapon for all the riders out there who love to ride surfboards, offering excellent freeride abilities as a plus.
List Price: $1,559.00
2018 North Trust Quad Bar
2018 North Trust Control Bar

The 2018 Trust Bar does not come with chicken loop, chicken dig and safety leash! Please consider adding a style kit.
List Price: $430.00