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Ozone Access V7 Complete
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The Access is our entry level De-power foil kite that is designed to make the learning process of Snowkiting as safe and easy as possible.
Ozone Chrono V2 Kite
If you want a FAST Freeride Kite for foiling than the Chrono is for you. The R1 is now the race kite for Ozone so the Chrono is for everyone else. If you want to do some racing this kite will be plenty fast for 99% of the market.
Ozone Frenzy v10 Complete 14m
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The Frenzy V10 is our do-it-all powerhouse de-power foil kite. This radical snowkite design combines the latest in foil kite and paraglide technology.
Ozone Summit V4 Complete
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The Summit continues to define high performance and versatility for dedicated Snowkite riders who are looking for high speed mountain climbing or blasting through the powder with a fast turning kite. The fourth version has directly benefited from our R1 V2 race development knowledge, allowing us to improve performance, handling and stability.