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23m Line Set (2) 500lb & (2) 800lb
Center Safety System 23m Line Set (4-Lines)

800 lb. front lines

500 lb. rear lines

List Price: $220.00
Half Straps 2.0
Sold in a set of two, Foot Hooks attach to your board?s standard foot strap mounts, with the opening of the hooks facing inward. Mounting can be adjusted based on the board?s insert options to accommodate for rider stance preferences. In addition to standard mounting (parallel with the board?s rails), the hooks also have angular options that allow them to be mounted at side angles.
List Price: $59.00
27m Line Set (2) 500lb & (2) 800lb
Center Safety System 27 meter Line Set (4-Lines)
800 lb. front lines
500 lb. rear lines
List Price: $240.00
20m Line Set (2) 500lb & (2) 800lb
Center Safety System 20 meter Line Set (4-Lines)
800 lb. front lines
500 lb. rear lines
List Price: $200.00
2010-2013 Chicken Loop Harness Line
 This is a replacement chicken loop harness line for the slingshot compstick bar. This piece will work for the bars made between 2010-2013. This is the standard size medium chicken loop line.
List Price: $20.00
Slingshot 3m Line Extensions
Set of 4 Line extensions including 2 front and 2 rear 3m extensions.
List Price: $40.00
Slingshot Colored line Extension set (4) 20meters
 These 20meter extension lines come in a pack of 4 but can be bought as a set of 2 if needed for a trainer kite. They are 600lb lines and can work for any bar and lines currently on the market.
Slingshot Depower Cleat
 Depower Replacment is what it is...made of metal and wont break just keep your screw tight.
Slingshot Active Ball Stopper
 This is a replacement active ball stopper for your Slingshot Compstick bar.
Hoverglide Hydrofoil Hardware Set
Hoverglide Hydrofoil Hardware Set
Per Diem Back Pack
High quality ballistic nylon material. Front panel skateboard/storage straps. Large main compartment. Laptop sleeve. Padded bottom panel. Fleece lined sunglass pocket. Hydration compatible. Multiple organizer pockets. Insulated cooler pocket. 2 external water bottle pockets. Breathable dri-mesh back panel and shoulder straps.
Slingshot Stripes Tee
 Slingshot Stripes Tee, sizes available in M, L, XL
List Price: $22.00
Slingshot Base Tee
 Slingshot Base Tee, available in white/green, white/pink, sizes M, L, XL
List Price: $22.00
Slingshot Grid Tee
 Slingshot Grid Tee, available in sizes M, L, XL
List Price: $22.00
Slingshot Crew Jones Sweatshirt
 Slingshot Crew Jones Sweatshirt, available sizes, M, L, XL
List Price: $49.00
Slingshot Turbine Kite 2018
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The Turbine is in a class of its own and can?t really be compared to any other kite. With a super high aspect ratio, this is about as close to a foil kite as you can get in a LEI format.
List Price: $1,049.00
Slingshot B2 Trainer Kite
The B Series are Slingshot's original 2-line foil trainer kites. They have a proven reputation as the best trainer kites ever produced and are easy to fly. These kites are durable, forgiving and give customers an edge up in basic flying skills. Get started on the B2 or upgrade to the B3 for some light traction action!
List Price: $119.00
Slingshot B3 Trainer Kite
The B Series are Slingshot's original 2-line foil trainer kites. They have a proven reputation as the best trainer kites ever produced and are easy to fly. These kites are durable, forgiving and give customers an edge up in basic flying skills. Get started on the B2 or upgrade to the B3 for some light traction action!
List Price: $219.00
Slingshot Hypermiler Hydrofoil Board 2018
All Carbon, slick, and sexy foil board! This baby looks good and will ride even better. Racing, long distance, or just looking great on the water....get the board that will live up to your expectations.
List Price: $999.00
Slingshot Rally 2018
More info: Slingshot has reworked and refined the Rally over the years to polish the kite into what it is today. In 2016 we made some slight adjustments to the geometry and bridles to increase handling and steering speed. Those changes were very well received, so we've carried them over for 2017 and have added a couple other subtle modifications
Slingshot Wizard 125 Windsurf board
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This is Slingshots windsurf foilboard the Wizard 125. awesome board for people looking to get in to windsurf foiling.
List Price: $1,949.00
Slingshot Wheeled Golf Bag 150cm 4'10"
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Fully padded, wheeled, golf style travel bag with room for boards or anything else you need on your trip. Will easily accommodate multiple kites, kiteboards, bindings, helmet, any other riding gear and your clothes and toiletries.
Twin Tip Board Sleeve
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A clean design to keep your boards organized, protected and portable. Fits a few boards (without boots/straps) at once and includes a side handle and shoulder strap for carrying. Roomy enough to stuff a towel or wetsuit inside along with your boards.
modern surf sleeve
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A padded travel bag designed for progressive snub-nosed surfboard shapes. The tail end is collapsible, held closed by Velcro, to allow for plenty of room when you dont feel like removing your fins for storage. Includes a side handle and a shoulder strap for easy carrying.
classic surf sleeve
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Padded surf board bag designed for classic surfboard shapes. The tail end is collapsible, held closed by velcro, to allow for plenty of room when you don'd feel like removing your fins for storage. Includes a side handle and shoulder strap for easier carrying.
Slingshot Sentinel Bar and Lines 2018
The new 2018 Sentinel bar and lines set from Slingshot is an improvement on an already great system. Lighter top end with out the heavy swivel will making surfing or riding in light air easier to keep your center lines from twisting up. Bomb-proof construction like all slingshot products.
List Price: $529.00
Slingshot Guardian Bar and Lines 2018
New for 2018 the Slingshot Guardian bar and lines set features the below the bar depower that you love with the upgrades of the 2018 model. Worth the upgrade for sure!
List Price: $529.00
Slingshot Twin Tip Board Sleeve
The twin tip board sleeve makes the transportation of your twip tip board very easy. It is extremely lightweight and protects your board from the outside elements. It has a carry handle and also a removable shoulder strap for you personal choice of carry. Very durable bag that proves to be an excellent addition while purchasing your board and also the storage of your board. 
List Price: $65.00
Slingshot Surf Sleeve Classic
These Slingshot board bags are AWESOME!! Much like the twin tip board sleeve this durable board sleeve provides protection and easy transportation for your surfboard. This bag can hold any board up to size 6 ft 1 inch and also has the removable shoulder strap that is very convenient.
List Price: $69.00
Talon - Sentinel
For dedicated wave riding and hooked-in riding, the standard chicken loop is a clumsy component that creates distance between your core and the bar and limits your throw and depower.
2018 Mixer
You'll be slashing to your heart's content with the Mixer's quad-fin configuration and tail profile, which favors a more slashy back foot feel than a locked-in carve.
Hover Glide FWIND1
Discover quiet flying on your windsurfer!
Slingshot Fuel 2018

List Price: $1,299.00
2018 Karolina Pro
The Karolina Pro delivers great pop and cushy landings thanks to a progressive rocker profile, subtle V-spine and lively wood core construction.
Slingshot Kite Pump 2017

Slingshot Rally 2019
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The Rally will take you where you want to go. Upwind, downwind, back rolls, front rolls, mega boosts, waves or flat water, the Rally has done it all. It?s even crossed the Atlantic.
2019 Slingshot WF2 Wakefoiler Board
The newest and best wake foil board on the market just got better with full EVA foam!
List Price: $666.00
Slingshot Carbon Paddle

The Slingblade SUP Paddle is very efficient offering gentle power and a smooth easy stroke.  Made with 100% Carbon Fiber this paddle is lightweight, durable and provides incredible  performance through all four phases of stroke; reach, catch, pull and release.



List Price: $299.00
Slingshot Slant Hoodie
 Classic Slinghot hoodie. super comfy zip fited hoodie
Slingshot Women s Hoodie
Check out the new womens hoodie with its cool new design
Slingshot Center Line Swivel
Replacement Center of the Universe Swivel
List Price: $98.00
4-Line Kite Replacement Line Sets
Slingshot 2010 Center Safety System  Set (4 Lines)

Available in
  • 20m
  • 23m
  • 27m
Slingshot Standard Kite Pigtails Kit
Standard Kite Pigtails Kit
List Price: $15.00
Slingshot Standard Line Pigtails Kit
Standard Line Pigtails Kit
List Price: $15.00
Slingshot B2 Trainer Kite Replacement Lines
Slingshot B2 Trainer Kite replacement Lines
List Price: $35.00
Slingshot B3 Trainer Kite Replacement Lines
 Slingshot B3 Trainer Kite replacement Lines
List Price: $45.00
WMFG Standard kiteboarding pump
This is going to be your favorite purchase of the year. Pumping kites up stinks, this makes it easier and takes less time. At about the same price as a normal pump it is a no-brainer. Call us for questions 281-508-6485
List Price: $50.00
Slingshot Kiteboard Handle
Slingshot Replacement kiteboard handle only..Let us know what bolts you need or the brand of board you have and we can get you the bolts as well for a small charge.
List Price: $15.00
Slingshot Kite Leash
The Slingshot Push Quick Release leash features the new push away release system, which makes it easier to engage the release system. The bungee stretches from 49" to 77". Clips on both ends to clip from safety line to harness. Simply push the yellow quick release to disconnect yourself from your kite in emergency situations
List Price: $50.00
Slingshot Turbine Kite 2017
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New for 2017 the Same great Turbine in a whole lot more sizes! Best Light Wind kite EVER!
List Price: $1,049.00
2016 Slingshot Hover Glide Replacement Front Wing

Slingshot above the bar system replacement
Upgrade your current Slingshot bar to above the bar de-power with this easy to install Sentinel above the bar upgrade system.
List Price: $179.00
Fastrack Stock hardware kit
Get your replacement mounting hardware for your slingshot board. Will work on ANY slingshot board with Fastrack mounting system (has the channels).
List Price: $22.00
Slingshot Rally 2017
New for 2016 the same great Rally with much needed updates including faster/easier pumping. 281-508-6485
List Price: $1,049.00
Turbine 17m Strut Bladder
 17m Slingshot Turbine Strut Bladder...All the struts are the same size on the turbine
List Price: $60.00
3M Flying Line Extension Set (2) 500lb & (2) 800lb

(2) 500 lb line extensions

(2) 800 lb line extensions

List Price: $35.00
Silngshot Hoverglide Fuselage Replacement
Slingshot Hoverglide Hydrofoil Replacement Fuselage.
Slingshot Waterwall Gear Bag
The Waterwall gear bag is a very stylish, functional gear bag for a great price. You can use this bag to transport absolutely anything. Whether you are using it for clothing or for your gear, this bag holds up great and will keep any items you are transporting protected. The polyurethane material makes this bag extremely durable and water resistant. The padded top handle straps, removable shoulder strap, and side handle straps make for easy carry.
List Price: $119.00
Slingshot Payload Duffel XXL
The Payload Duffel XXL much like it name is XXL! It has much of the same features and is similar to the Waterwall gear bag like the polyurethane material for durability and water resistance. The Payload Duffel bag is much larger and also provides and ID label for transportation. One neat feature this bag also provides is external storage straps for your kite bar! 
List Price: $139.00
Slingshot Gear Bucket
The gear bucket works great for transporting smaller gear such as gopro equipment, towels, kite bars, or it works excellent as a cooler as well. The dimensions are 17"x13"x13" and has a polyester lining for spacious storage area and easy cleaning.
List Price: $89.00
Slingshot T-Rex Tee
 Slingshot Tee with their T-Rex shape, don't forget the matching T-Rex surfboard!
List Price: $22.00
15 inch Flight School Hydrofoil Mast
Get a feel for riding the foil with the 15" Flight School Mast. This can be used with the Hoverglide hydrofoil as well as the Liquid Force Foil Fish by using the interface plate and extra base plate option.
Ride Engine Fixed Hook Spreader Bar
Ride Engine's harnesses have changed the world of kiteboarding and kitesurfing, but if you're not ready for the rope-type spreader bar get the fixed hook, which acts just like the standard spreader bar hook you're used to.
List Price: $59.00
Slingshot Compression Bags
Lightweight and easy to compress nylon storage and/or travel bag for your gear.

List Price: $26.00
Slingshot Air Strike 7'8" SUP Foiilboard
The Air Strike SUP surfer is the big brother to our Skywalker surf foil board and is designed for experienced paddlers who can confidently surf at least medium sized waves. The Air Strike combines the amazing efficiencies of foiling with the wideranging performance of stand up paddling for an experience that will completely redefine your level of fun in otherwise marginal or un-surfable conditions.
List Price: $1,300.00
2017 Slingshot Crisis Kiteboard
With a lighter, more flexible layup and a mild rocker profile, the Crisis is a user-friendly board designed for riders progressing from entry-level to intermediate or advanced.
List Price: $500.00
2018 Celeritas
The Celeritas features a stout body, curved outline, mild rocker that blends from the center to the tail. It's a stable ride that planes easily and has good upwind and light wind performance
List Price: $849.00
2018 Screamer
The 2018 Screamer features a pulled-in thumb with an updated wing added to give a little more pivot during turns. A parallel rail outline and single concave rocker gives the a fast, locked-in feel of a high-performance wave board, while the shorter T-Rex nose profile makes for a playful feel for jumping, strapless tricks and general freeriding.
Slingshot Wave Pocket Tee
 Slingshot Wave Pocket Tee, available in sizes M, L, XL
Talon - Guardian
For dedicated wave riding and hooked-in riding, the standard chicken loop is a clumsy component that creates distance between your core and the bar and limits your throw and depower.
2018 Angry Swallow
The Angry Swallow features a parallel rail outline, which adds surface area for better performance in marginal conditions.
2019 Slingshot Hypermiler Hydrofoil Board
2019 Slingshot Hypermiler Hydrofoil Board
List Price: $1,110.00
All In Twin Bag (152cm X 50cm)
A fully padded, coffin style bag suitable for day trips or airline travel with your twin tip boards, kites and extra gear. Holds up to 3 kites,2 twin tip boards plus harnesses and wetsuits.
List Price: $140.00
Turbine 17m Bladder LE
 17m Slingshot Turbine LE bladder
List Price: $136.00
Slingshot Padded Simulator Hydrofoil Board
For 3 years Houston Kiteboarding has been the leader in Hydrofoil training. And we say that this board is perfect for learning, teaching, and progressing on the foil including the short mast system.
List Price: $599.00
Slingshot Hydrofoil Mast Base Plate
2016 Hoverglide Hydrofoil Mast Base Plate. This is an extra base plate for your hoverglide hydrofoil. If you get the flight school you will want one of these to make it easier to switch between your full length mast and your other length masts for shallow water or to teach your friends to foil.
List Price: $85.00
Slingshot set of 3 surf straps
Set of three Slingshot 2016 surf straps including the washers. These will work on ANY hydrofoil boards.
2018 Slingshot SST
More info:

The 2017 WAVE SST features a Compact-C canopy profile and a condensed version of Slingshot?s popular shock-absorbing IRS bridle system. The combination of canopy geometry and bridle configuration results in a kite that flies deep in the window, in the sweet spot for surf-specific performance. Two main features that make the WAVE SST such an amazing surf kite are: How well it drifts downwind and how quickly it can pivot even when you?re depowered, sheeted out or moving toward the kite. These characteristics also make the WAVE an ideal kite for foiling. The WAVE SST is extremely robust, taking Slingshot?s bomber surf-tough standards a step farther, with a special Surf Grid panel layout that adds strength and durability to the canopy, and a condensed bridle setup. Trailing edge tension is now controlled with the addition of Teijin T2 Polyester ripstop canopy material, which decreases trailing edge flutter and increases durability. We reinforced the one-pump inflation valve?s connection to the bladder to help prevent blowouts caused by improper hose attachment/ detachment.
List Price: $1,499.00
Slingshot Asylum 2018

Slingshot Refraction Kiteboard 2018

Slingshot Skywalker 5'10"
If you?re serious about foiling in the waves, a board designed specifically for the unique dynamics and forces of foiling will mean the difference between success and failure.
Slingshot H1 Hydrofoil Surf Wing
The H1 wing is our dedicated surf/SUP wing designed for proficient surfers or paddlers who already know how to foil or intend on progressing into riding decent-sized waves. Its shape yields a relatively early takeoff speed, which is great for getting up on foil in front of waves, and has a medium top-end speed, which means you can carry speed and stay in front decent-size waves with less risk of skyrocketing out of the water because you?re going too fast for the foil.
List Price: $549.00
2010 Glide .75" G10 Fin Pack
 2010 Glide .75" G10 Fin Pack
List Price: $50.00
Slingshot H2 Hydrofoil Surf Wing
The H2 wing has a large surface area and provides lots of lift at slower speeds and in lighter wind. This results in a stable, user-friendly foil and an approachable entry into wake, windsurf and SUP foiling.
List Price: $549.00
Slingshot H4 Hydrofoil Surf Wing
One look at the H4 wing and it's easy to tell where it excels. With a low-aspect, high-surface area shape, it?s like a magic carpet that lets you glide across waves and swell you would have never thought possible until now.
List Price: $549.00
2015 Slingshot Crossbreed SUP
The 2015 Crossbreed is a true HIGH PERFORMANCE ALL AROUND BOARD and is as stable and forgiving as they come.
List Price: $1,699.00
Slingshot Refraction Kiteboard 2016
Looking for a kicker licking, handle-pass landing, ass kicking board? Look no further.
List Price: $599.00
Slingshot Bolt Ons 2016
2016 Slingshot Bolt Down pads and straps and better than ever and BLUE!
2.5 Inch Slingshot Fins
Extra grip and control for your board. It makes a world of a difference!
List Price: $20.00
Slingshot Misfit 2018
Rider Profile: You?re not worried about pushing the limits of the sport, or your body. You just want to get out and ride, carve upwind, cruise through chop, land a few jumps and enjoy kiteboarding?s amazing connection with the wind and water. If that?s you, the Misfit is your board. The Misfit features an all-around shape and rocker profile designed for a variety of conditions rather than specialized performance. It?s the perfect choice for entry-level riders who want a board they can progress with but won?t outgrow, or for experienced kiters who don?t plan on specializing in a specific discipline of the sport
Slingshot Dwafcraft 2019 Hydrofoil Board
The tradition continues on one of the best hydrofoil board platforms ever made. The Dwarfcraft now comes in 3 sizes making it even more versatile.
List Price: $768.90
2019 Slingshot Alien Air Hydrofoil Board
2019 Alien Air is the same great board as in the past but with an awesome new paint job.
List Price: $777.00
Dry Lube all purpose kiteboarding lubricant
Slingshot All purpose kiteboarding lubricant
List Price: $25.99
Slingshot above the bar small chicken loop
Small chicken loop replacement for Sentinel (above-the-bar) safety system. Small size measures 7.25" (regular size measures 12").
2016 Base Bar with winders, leaders, line tubes and floats
2016 Base Bar w/winders, leaders, line tubes and floats
Slingshot 2016 above the bar butter box
Butter box outer shell replacement for Sentinel safety system. Drive shaft not included.
2016 Slingshot above the bar trip block
Trim block replacement for 2016 Slingshot kiteboarding bar
Guardian Safety
All safety system parts below the bar, the trim line, and active stopper ball.

Compatible Products:
2009 Compstick
2010 Compstick
2011 Compstick
2012 Compstick
2013 Compstick
2014 Compstick
2015 Compstick
2016 Compstick
Slingshot 2016 bungee for Butterbox
3.5mm bungee chord for Sentinel safety system Butterbox
2016 Slingshot kitebar Top Swivel Cover
Compatible with 2016 Sentinel safety system
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