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Takuma Concept V100 Surf  Hydrofoil Package
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The easiest all round hydrofoil available on the market. The brand new Takuma V100 foil is made to enjoy the unique foil feeling with an appropriate choice for beginners, medium and advanced riders. With a foiling speed of 6mph you can get up and hydrofoil in small unbreaking waves or open ocean swell.
List Price: $1,199.00
Takuma BX 7'6" SUP Hydrofoil Surf Board
Takuma BX SUP Hydrofoil Surf Board 7'6"

Designed for an easy and fast take off when foiling
Takuma Replacement Masts
Each water area is now a limitless playground whatever your age or your riding level.
Missing a piece to your Takuma V100 Foil package? We may have it right here, just for you!
List Price: $199.00
Takuma Base Plate and Hardware
Mounting plate for Takuma V100 Foil
List Price: $199.00
Takuma DBS Hydrofoil SUP Board
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The DBS is a very accessible board for all levels. It can be used as a SUP or a surf hydrofoil.
Takuma BX Kite Hydrofoil Board 5'4"
The Takuma Kite Hydrofoil Board is tough and compact with dual purpose options for surfing and wake surfing.
Takuma Hybrid SUP hydrofoil Board
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Takuma Hybrid BX Windsurf SUP Hydrofoil board is a windsurfing hydrofoil board that doubles as a SUP. This board has it all...mast track, strap inserts, bomber construction, 90mm hydrofoil tracks.
Takuma ZK Board
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These boards make foiling much easier as they allow the board to break the surface tension between board and waters surface. You Benefit from super fast downwind sensations as the board is easier to pop back up onto the foil if you loose speed.
M6 Stainless Steel T-nut Replacements Set of 4
These are Replacement M6 Stainless Steel T-nuts for the Takuma hydrofoil setup. Super low profile. These are hard to get replacements that we now have in stock.
Takuma Mini Hydrofoil Board
The Takuma Mini is one of the most sought after boards in the Takuma lineup if not the entire hydrofoil industry. It's compact size coupled with the relatively large volume make a great pic for wake foiling, kite foiling, and even surf hydrofoiling.
List Price: $799.00
Takuma DBS Surf Board
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Volume on the tail for stability, simplicity an easy take off. Extra rocker on the nose and low rocker on the tail for an easy lift and take off. Extra Volume for small and non powerful waves.
Takuma BX Surf Board
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Made to foil with a compact and reactive shape
Compact shape and extra volume
Reactivity, Agility and versatility
F-One sup Hydrofoil
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F-One Surf Hydrofoil is the one you need to make your foiling dreams come true. Turn your board into a magic carpet ride with a foilmount and this hydrofoil.
F-One surf Hydrofoil
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F-One Surf Hydrofoil is the one you need to make your foiling dreams come true. Turn your board into a magic carpet ride with a foilmount and this hydrofoil.
NSI Hydrofoil Covers XL
Don't spoil your foil! NSI's Wing Day-Use bags provide wing protection, from scratches and impact while transporting to and from the beach for your daily sessions.
Takuma Surf Hydrofoil and FoilMount Deal
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Takuma V100 Surf Hydrofoil and FoilMount Black Friday Package deal
List Price: $1,549.00
takuma board leash
This leash is specialized for foilboarding use. The straight coil design and calf velcro attachment keep the cord out of the water to reduce drag. It includes neoprene to make it more comfortable as well as a key pocket.
USED DEMO Takuma V100 Complete Hydrofoil
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Used Takuma V100 Hydrofoil for surf or SUP hydrofoil
List Price: $1,199.00
Takuma V900 Hydrofoil
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This massive wings, the V900 brings you an opportunity to fly on anything from tiny bumps to open ocean swells
Takuma V400 Hydrofoil
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Its delta and compact shape give you speed, glide, and pumping ability on even tiny bumps and wide, slow and mushy waves.